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We live in difficult times, recessions threaten the economy, inflation is raging, and no one’s job is safe. Pandemic is not making it any easier, so it’s time for millions of people to turn to crypto.

Why wouldn’t they? Crypto space is booming despite the threats from Fed and it seems that despite the adoption watershed moment, crypto markets are going to divest from the traditional markets very soon. 

Crypto winter is here, people are buying the dip, but the expansion of crypto platforms, altcoins, and real use cases are going to recover the market soon. Everyone will be able to profit from it, but not those who choose Bitcoin Compass, sadly.

Bitcoin Compass is, namely, a scam. It has exact same web design and layout as another known scam – The bitcoin Era. Copy is a bit different, but all the scammy elements are there, they want you to deposit $250. This time the lure is a bit tighter. Namely, while previous iterations of this very same scam didn’t mention any return on investment, Bitcoin Compass promises a whopping 60% ROI – on a daily basis. Funny enough, that’s not impossible to earn in crypto space, it’s just that this particular platform is a scam and you will never see any profits.

Full review of how to use Bitcoin Compass

Bitcoin Compass lures you in with a reminder of the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Take advantage of it, they say. That’s actually correct. Cryptocurrencies are volatile. Bitcoin, explicitly mentioned in the website’s copy is actually one of the less volatile in sense of short-term movements. Bitcoin is now a ponderously moving indicator of interest rates, rather than an actual currency or an asset.

Bitcoin Compass promises a 60% return on investment. Daily. It means that when you deposit $250, you will have $400 the next day, then $640 the next day, $1024, $1638, and so on. This is not unheard of in the crypto market trading but usually comes with very volatile very risky investments. It’s not possible to get this kind of revenue from bitcoin.

What will happen is, that you leave your contact info. You get buggered by an aggressive “broker” agent and then you lose your $250 deposit. Simple as that. User reviews clearly indicate this.

Security: 0

Ease of use: 0

UI/UX: 0

Minimum deposit and payment options: 0

Demo account: 0

Support and tutorials: 0

Profit: 0

Overall rating: 0

Bitcoin Compass – What is this trading bot

Bitcoin Compass is supposedly as old as 2017. They claim the number one position in crypto trading since the crypto boom of 2017, which simply isn’t true. Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, KuCoin, are legitimate trading platforms.

The funny thing is they don’t claim they are a trading bot or a crypto exchange. The actual title is a bit unclear. Bitcoin Compass claims that they are a powerful AI-driven trading system. Such a thing doesn’t exist. AI is too strong words for an automated trading algorithm which is what a trading bot actually is. So, clearly another flurry of buzzwords.

Bitcoin Compass Application / Web Platform Review

Bitcoin Evolution’s website looks exactly like the website of know scammers. If you compare it to Bitcoin Circuit or Bitcoin Era, you’ll see that they even have the exact same layout and almost the same copy. 

The first part of the website is warning about crypto volatility as your opportunity to earn money.

They promise insane return on investment, a whopping 60% ROI – daily. Next, they tout their advanced trading technologies. This part is just a flurry of buzzwords, AI, blockchain, algorithms, supersonic speeds of trading. Next is the promise of an intuitive trading system, available to all the users across all the devices. They claim there is a mobile app, but scouring the internet we couldn’t find anything like that.

Security, licensing, and payments of Bitcoin Compass

No security, licensing, or payments here. You will be taken to the partner scammer site, and reached by agents who introduce themselves as brokers but have one goal alone, to pluck that deposit from your account. You are not secure. Your data is not secure. If you allow the Bitcoin Compass to get your number, they will just molest you, pushing you to do the deposit, and it’s not a paltry sum, it is $250.

There is nothing but scam here, which is also obvious from another big red flag. Crypto celebrity endorsements are a big-time red flag. If you see anyone mention Elon Musk on their website, be sure that’s a scam. The fun choice they made for another endorsement, namely, they’ve picked Richard Branson. If you don’t read the text closely, it will seem like both Elon and Branson support the Bitcoin Compass. However, the actual copy says (truthfully) that neither Brason nor Musk invested any money with this platform. So, their mention is just a namedropping, which is a typical red flag.

Bitcoin Compass – What do traders say?

Reviews on Trustpilot are scams as well, there are suspicious-looking words of praise by clearly fake accounts. How do we know that? Because they use exactly the same reviews across other scammer sites. Sadly, real reviews come from people tricked out of their deposits. Another red flag is the screenshot that Trustpilot uses for this site, showing that they were running another version of the web design layout, also copied from known scammers. Shows how scammers are just updating their web layouts once the old become recognized and connected with fraud.

Is Bitcoin Compass legit? – Final verdict by traders

Scam. Everyone agrees. It’s obvious. The final verdict is a big fat scam, a scammy scam. Don’t invest here. You have better chances throwing coins into a pool of goldfish hoping to hit the one that grants wishes…

Tips on checking whether a bot is legit or a scam


Always check if the website mentions celebrities. The most popular bait is Elon Musk, but there are others too, from Mark Lewis to LeBron, to Kanye West, to as we saw here – Gordon Ramsey. 

Copy and Web design

Web design and layout for this kind of site are always the same. Not sure why. Even if they change the actual design (like Anon bot), the layout and the flow are the same. Some truths mixed with the lure of a quick return of investment. 

No support, no contact

The red flag which reinforces the others is when there are no social media links, when you can’t contact the support or when there are no contacts other than a regular website e-mail form.

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