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Crypto markets are crashing, everyone wants to enter the market while the prices are low. 2021 has been a year of adoption and people have heard of the wonderful opportunities of the crypto space.

Bitcoin Era is a scam, but I have to give it to them, that they updated and refreshed their website to conform with this, now common knowledge, that the prices of bitcoin have dropped, as to lure the gullible to hope that when the crypto market recovers, so will soar the investments. 

While this might be true, it’s never going to happen through Bitcoin Era or similar scam platforms, simply because they don’t deal with legitimate trading, but are just out to get your initial deposit, reeling you in with your own greed. I mean, this site is smart as to not promise any returns on your investment, so technically if you give them a deposit, it’s your own fault.

They never said you will recover any money, they didn’t make any promises, and even there are warnings all over the place, so you can’t tell you were conned into dealing with them. Watch out for the aggressive brokers or agents pressuring you to deposit the $250 which is a common sum from scammer sites to ask for. It’s not too small an investment, but it’s not a fortune, so that’s the sweet spot to lure in those who don’t know much about crypto trading.

Full review of how to use Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era lures you in with predictions from crypto experts who say that Bitcoin could hit the $150.000 price mark. Which may or may not be true. Markets will surely recover from the current dip, but this is irrelevant for Bitcoin Era because it’s not a true crypto platform, but a scam.

Bitcoin Era has an interesting scarcity angle, promising free registration on a lottery basis. So, you should feel very lucky and honored once you are contacted by their brokers. After all, who doesn’t like the chance to trade for free for an entire year?

Another clever lure is the answer to the question “how much profit can I make with Bitcoin Era?” Namely, Bitcoin Era is wise not to make any promises, so you can’t sue them. They even clearly state that there are substantial risks in all forms of trading. But the hint is there, that a small deposit of $250 could go a long way.

Security: 0

Ease of use: 0

UI/UX: 0

Minimum deposit and payment options: 0

Demo account: 0

Support and tutorials: 0

Profit: 0

Overall rating: 0

Bitcoin Era – What is this trading bot

Bitcoin Era is supposedly as old as 2008. However, the story is told in such a way that it wasn’t until 2016 that the trading bog became available for wider audiences. Bitcoin Era has a smarter copy than that of similar scam platforms. 

Namely, they insist that it’s a trading bot, there are no lies about reactive AI or machine learning, or other buzzwords. They do mention that its algorithmic automation applied to fast-paced trading. That’s more or less how a trading bot should work. Repeated mention of brokers, however, indicates that you will be talking to aggressive salesmen trying to gouge you for that $250 of deposit.

Bitcoin Era Application / Web Platform Review

Bitcoin Evolution’s website looks a lot like a website of know scammers. If you compare it to Bitcoin Circuit or Bitcoin Champion, you’ll see that they even have the exact same layout and almost the same copy. 

The first part of the website is a prediction by crypto experts, claiming that Bitcoin will soon hit $150.000. Next is a promise of easy to use HTML5 web-based app, easily accessed from any device. They claim that their security features are top-notch. Military-grade encryption is mentioned, which is quite a cool attempt because military-grade is always good and robust.

Interesting is the part when Bitcoin Era explains the reasons to try it out. Smartly, they claim that this era of volatility is the best for trading. Which is true! They correctly explain what is High-Frequency Trading, which sadly serves no other purpose than to give some credibility to their scam. They more or less correctly describe the act of scalping stocks, but again… one of the red flags is when too much traditional stock market talk is mixed with what’s supposed to be a crypto trading platform. 

Security, licensing, and payments of Bitcoin Era

You are not secure. Your data is not secure.  If you allow the Bitcoin Era to get your phone number, they will just bug you for the deposit, and it’s not a negligible sum, of $250. Namely, you will be taken to partner scammer site, and reached by agents who introduce themselves as brokers but have one goal alone, to pluck that deposit from your account.

There is nothing but scam here, which is also obvious from another big red flag. Crypto celebrity endorsements are a big-time red flag. If you see anyone mention Elon Musk on their website, be sure that’s a scam. The fun choice they made for another endorsement, namely, they’ve picked Gordon Ramsey. If you don’t read the text closely, it will seem like both Elon and Ramsey support the Bitcoin Era. However, the actual copy says (truthfully) that neither Ramsey nor Musk invested any money with this platform. So, their mention is just a namedropping, which is a typical red flag.

Bitcoin Era – What do traders say?

Reviews on Trustpilot are clearly a scam, there are very few of them, and sadly mostly tragic stories from the people who got their money lost. A big red flag is when Trustpilot reviews are extreme. Moreover, for this particular website, there is a note of caution, warning users that Bitcoin Era might be under regulatory inquiry.

Is Bitcoin Era legit? – Final verdict by traders

Scam. Everyone agrees. It’s obvious. The final verdict is a big fat scam, a scammy scam. Don’t invest here. You have better chances on racehorses.

Tips on checking whether a bot is legit or a scam


Always check if the website mentions celebrities. The most popular bait is Elon Musk, but there are others too, from Mark Lewis to LeBron, to Kanye West, to as we saw here – Gordon Ramsey. 

Copy and Web design

Web design and layout for this kind of site are always the same. Not sure why. Even if they change the actual design (like Anon bot), the layout and the flow are the same. Some truths mixed with the lure of a quick return of investment. 

No support, no contact

The red flag which reinforces the others is when there are no social media links, when you can’t contact the support or when there are no contacts other than a regular website e-mail form.

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